Visitation Guidelines

  • All visitors must be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 and temperature taken on arrival.
  • Full vaccination for visitors is always preferred when possible but it is not required to participate in visitation (outdoor or indoor).
  • Visitors, regardless of their vaccination status, should wear source control (i.e. mask or face shield) and physically distance from staff and other patient/residents, or visitors that are not part of their group at all other times when in the facility
  • Social distancing with your loved one is strongly recommended during your visit.
  • Hand hygiene is to be done when entering and leaving building.
  • Visitors are not to engage with other residents while in the building and should follow social distancing guidelines when interacting with staff.
  • Visitors should be kept to maximum of 2-3 at one time, preferably from the same household.

If a visitor does not comply with facility visitation guidelines during the visit, then staff may end the visit.

Outdoor visits are strongly preferred to indoor visits, weather permitting. Health and safety of residents and staff are still the top priority.